Put God First Before Anything Else

Entrepreneurs are very busy people.

And undoubtedly, there will be many things in the entrepreneur’s mind at any given time: how to grow the business, marketing, sales & profits, operational concerns, how to cut costs and lots more.

With all those concerns, sometimes (or most of the time) God will take a back seat.

Sad but true.

I’m guilty as well — no excuses.

But I make up for it, get back right on track and set my priorities right again.

A big challenge indeed.

The key is to be aware so corrections can be made. Nobody is perfect after all. And while we do what is humanly possible to always put God first, the important thing is to quickly re-align our priorities when we get off track.

Putting GOD first is important because all that we are enjoying in life right now belongs to Him.

All blessings come from Him.

If we truly understand this, then putting Him above all else makes perfect sense.