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Starting a Business

When planning to start a business, here are 3 tips I can give you:

No.1: Make sure there’s an unfulfilled need in the market you’re entering in (are current industry players not addressing a particular market need? or is there a market segment they’re leaving out?)

No.2: Make sure there’s a way for you to reach your target market (which media can you cost-effectively advertise your products on? Facebook, Google/Bing, newspapers, niche magazines, radio stations, TV stations?)

No.3: Make sure to deliver quality products and services (this includes customer support and after sales support)

These 3 small business owner tips may sound simple enough.

But don’t take each one lightly. There’s a lot of work involved in each step. If it were that easy, many would have already become successful entrepreneurs quickly.

And we all know succeeding in business is difficult.

There’s a barrier to entry as some would say.

But that doesn’t mean this should stop us from starting a business we are passionate about.

Just know from the very start it will be a bumpy road ahead.

That’s just a fact.

Just proceed smartly.