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Do what others aren’t willing to do

I’m writing this because I was inspired by this article by Carol Roth in 6 Tips to Success from a 7-Time Entrepreneur.

The best lesson I got out of that article is to “do what others aren’t willing to do.”

One fine example given there was about making cold calls.

Cold calling is not exactly a task an entrepreneur (or even an employee for that matter) would look forward to doing.

But because cold calling can result to more business and more profits, a results-driven entrepreneur must do it. Day in, day out. Period.

A wannabe entrepreneur would not have the guts to do this.

Thus, the difference in results: the latter becoming successful in business, while the former is left wondering why he isn’t getting the success he wants.

So the main point: do what others aren’t willing to do.

Execution, indeed, rules.

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Marketing and Innovation

In business, we see lots of things need to be done.

Many things seemingly important, each one demanding our attention.

But let’s not fool ourselves.

There are mainly two things that an entrepreneur should focus on: marketing and innovation.

… marketing because this will lead to more sales.

… innovation because this will lead to a better product or service,
and lessen the overall operations cost.

So next time you find yourself with too many tasks at hand, don’t get distracted.

Work first on items that fall under marketing or innovation,
the rest you can do later on – or better yet, delegate.

Focus on marketing and innovation because these two will sustain your business in the long term.